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Exiledsurfer is an early Bitcoiner, a Co-founder of Parallele Polis and now part of the communications team of Sovryn a Bitcoin-native DeFi platform. We’re talking about the historical developments and the roots of Bitcoin as a Hippie activists Utopia coming true, the community discussions around the differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, and who the real enemies of Bitcoin are. Tldr: it’s companies like Coinbase.

 exiledsurfer's Bitcoin story The Bitcoin Foundation Early history and different mindsets of the Bitcoin community Original promises of Bitcoin Nation state actors coming into mining 21st century paradigm: Government identity vs. cryptographic identities not tied to personal data Bitcoin's USP has been confirmed Bitcoin a Hippie activists utopia Cypherpunk ethos Companies like Coinbase are a threat to Bitcoin, not governments Sovryn's idea and goals SOV token and governance KYC rant Sovryn hackathon

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