Bit.Country, a platform specifically designed for allowing users to create personalized metaverses, has received $4 million in investments during its first funding round. Among the participants of the funding event were Web3 pioneers, gaming industry leaders, influencers, and 56 other metaverse supporters from around the world.

Walsh Wealth Ventures became one of the leaders of the round and was joined by such influencers as CryptoGodJohn, MrBeast, KSI, Tobias31, Lazarbeam, MrFreshAsian, LachlanYT, CryptoWizardd. The participating influencers have a total subscriber base exceeding 200 million online users.

Another major investor was Animoca Brands – a unicorn in blockchain gaming and the developer of such popular blockchain games as CryptoKitties, The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time and a number of other titles. Animoca Brands supported Bit.Country by providing access to its accumulated knowledge and experience base in the field of blockchain-based and traditional console and PC game development.

Bit.Country also received support from such large investment funds as Hypersphere Ventures, Kernel Ventures, Shima Capital, Genblock Capital, Longhash, CMS, LD Capital, Polka Warriors, Moonwhale Ventures, Moonrock Capital, NGC Ventures, Vendetta Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, and others.

Bit.Country is a standalone virtual world with its own universe environment, internal currency, economic mechanisms, and governance. Those joining Bit.Country can create their own meta-universes for themselves, their friends, and subscribers using the built-in token economy. According to the project’s whitepaper, Bit.Country will be allowing users to create both individual locales such as virtual shops or cafes, entire communities, and even countries in the new Web 3.0-dimensional extension. The platform is equipped with all of the tools necessary for creating NFT items for use in the virtual world via a convenient and user-friendly interface.

“While our team is excited about the development of Web 3.0, our destiny is to create a network that has a real impact on the world. We want to provide ordinary people with opportunities of value access in this paradigm shift”, as stated by the platform’s representative in a recent press release.

One of the more practical examples of the use of private meta-universes are 3D online conferences. Such digital environments allow users to demonstrate real-life gesticulations via motion sensor technologies, communicate, and interact realistically with each other in a new dimension. The application and demand for such digital environments have risen dramatically after the global-wide lockdown in the wake of the pandemic.

According to the developers of Bit.Country, the given market is of great interest to both businesses and users. The developers are confident that the future of the meta-universe industry is promising, considering the interest the Bit.Country project aroused among investors. The development team is planning to scale the project in the near future and expand the functionality of the platform along with market penetration.



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