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On today’s Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Christian Keroles sits down with the infamous Bitcoin Twitter personality and troll Udi Wertheimer to discuss why hard core Bitcoin faithful should not be so worried about Alternative Cryptocurrencies. Generally speaking Bitcoiners are very adversarial towards Altcoins and altcoiners. It is not unheard of to see Bitcoiner’s loudly decrying Altcoins as all scams and altcoin investors as foolish.

Both Udi and Christian don’t believe that Altcoins are a challenge to Bitcoin and that they can even be helpful for new people that are not quite primed to understand Bitcoin initially. Bitcoin is quite unintuitive to people still operating on a fiat mindset. Udi also challenges Bitcoiner’s by claiming they lose credibility when they continue to pretend that some altcoins like Doge and Ethereum have not outperformed Bitcoin substantially in 2021.

Udi thinks that toxicity was much more necessary back in 2015-2017 during the Bitcoin fork wars. He now believes that Bitcoiner’s can be much more empathetic and successful at converting new and precoiners to Bitcoin with a less toxic strategy. The current brand of altcoins are no threat to Bitcoin itself and if anything amplifies Bitcoin’s brand, reach and TAM.

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