Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has filed a memorandum on Sep. 1 asking the court to deny the prosecutor’s in limine requests. 

The memorandum, penned by SBF’s lawyer Mark Cohen, calls the requests filed by the United States Department of Justice “unfounded and overbroad,” among other things in its argument.

He argues that most of the issues raised by the government cannot be properly addressed at the current stage. Additionally, the memorandum claims the requests “seek to admit irrelevant and prejudicial evidence regarding conduct that is no longer or never was charged, to undercut any potential defense, and to admit broad categories of hearsay and other improper evidence.”

It goes on to argue that the requests from the prosecutor are “unsupported by law and unworkable” in a practice and therefore shouldn’t be granted.

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