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Location: Remotely

Date: Tuesday 9th March

Company: Validus Power Corp

Role: Bitcoin Strategist

Since early February, 10-year Treasury yields have risen from 1.13% to as high as 1.625%. This rise, which equates to 48 basis points, is the highest in a year and has sparked some bond investors to raise inflation concerns.

While the Consumer Price Index (a metric for judging the level of inflation) is currently around 2%, analysts suggest the actual inflation rate could be as high as 10%. Because of this and growing uncertainty in the markets, Bitcoin Strategist Greg Foss sees Bitcoin as portfolio insurance. He believes that if you don’t own Bitcoin, you are taking “extreme amounts of risk”.

In this interview, I talk with Greg about the growing treasury yields, what this means for the markets, inflation and what a debt spiral means for fiat currencies and bitcoin.

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