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Edan Yago is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur who turned his career around to focus on Bitcoin. He has been pivotal in establishing Sovryn one of the first Bitcoin-native DeFi platforms. We’re talking about how a decentralized bitcoin trading and lending platform like Sovryn will create a new, open economic system that empowers individuals globally.

“The people that Bitcoiners hate the most are, shitcoiners, altcoiners, that’s not really the enemy they are basically a gateway into the crypto space and in particular into the Bitcoin space. The real enemies I think, are going to be the centralized intermediaries to whom we give up our power. It’s going to be the large exchanges, the lending platforms, the custodian platforms, because what their regulators are going help them is to persuade you that for convenience or for security, you should give up your Bitcoin. So that the only interesting property of Bitcoin, which is the sovereignty or self control is something you’d give up. And then if you’re distracted by the price gains, you won’t even notice.” – Edan Yago


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