The most popular trend of 2021, NFTs, took off ever since the legacy auction house Christie’s sold digital artist Beeple’s artwork for an eye-watering $69 million.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have changed the way we think of ownership and unlocked new financial opportunities for creators. While the hype continues to rise to new levels this year and at some point is expected to normalize, it will transform into a much bigger idea that will cover more than simply art but also intellectual property rights, ticketing, music and movies, streaming, medical, video games, software licensing, warranties, and much more.

An Upcoming NFT Powerhouse

While the future is vast and bright, NFTs are still in their nascent phase. To help this sector grow, 3Space Art is launching its NFT platform.

Besides providing an NFT marketplace where artists and collectors can buy and sell artwork, 3Space Art helps beginners and experts alike with onboarding, marketing, and NFT minting processes.

The hybrid art platform for both physical and remote users officially launched its NFT platform to facilitate the widespread use of digital art in the real world. In addition, 3Space Art helps artists make the transition from their current physical environment to the burgeoning virtual space.

Artists also get to showcase their artwork during both online and offline events. NFT users further get to flaunt them in their homes, office, or offline galleries and exhibitions.

3Space Art is making this possible by acting as a bridge between NFTs and the real world by finding appropriate channels to display digital art in physical locations and organizing events and exhibitions.

Overall, the platform encourages creators to work together and create a cooperative community to capture an audience outside the metaverse.

Offline exhibitions and galleries attract a much wider audience, especially those not so familiar with the crypto and NFT space bringing in diverse and new potential buyers.

The project is also making it extremely easy to acquire the digital artwork for this new crowd by allowing them to simply scan the QR code to buy their favorite piece of art and display it in their homes or offices.

Customers do not even have to pay in crypto and can buy NFTs using their credit cards and regular fiat currency.

Interestingly, 3Space Art also incentivizes both its artists and collectors to showcase their artwork in offline events and exhibitions through its Art Pool. Both the creators and buyers can deposit their NFTs in the smart contract pool, which gives 3Space Art the right to display their artwork in online and offline events. 100% of the proceeds are then distributed to those participating in the pool.

The platform is working with different offline venues and event organizations such as Makerspace, a University-funded IoT research center that is creating a digital frame, on a monthly subscription basis to put NFTs in frames and enable their owners to display the digital art in homes and offices.


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