The last two years have been a plus for the cryptocurrency community as more individuals have become aware of its reliability and sustenance. However, since the turn of the year, some relatively new concepts within the crypto space seem to have emerged and dominated the scene with their lucrative features.

The NFT Explosion

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) are two of the hottest topics in the crypto world right now. These concepts have already gotten a lot of attention, and a lot of projects have started to link their names to them. For instance, DeFi’s total value has more than doubled since the year began. From $15 billion in January, it grew over five times, and as of May 2021, it was valued at $77 billion. On the other hand, the NFT space has experienced mind-blowing growth, speculating around 25x in trading volume.

NFTs’ explosive increase can be primarily traced to their ability to combine real-world assets into blockchain in addition to their creative and innovative approach. The more people find NFT familiar and relatable –the more crypto becomes widely accepted.

KokoSwap has been one of the pioneers of the NFT space and is creating a name for itself with its multiple projects that bring users closer to understanding and enjoying NFTs. Kokoswap, an automated market maker, combines the magic of decentralized finance with the fun and excitement of NFT gaming. The Kokoswap trading and gaming platform has the potential to change the way people trade and play NFT games. Check this out to understand the Kokoswap features better.

KokoAvatar, the prominent NFT Feature

The platform gives users a system where they can trade, earn, invest and play. This article focuses on the NFT feature of Kokoswap, KokoAvatar.

KokoAvatar is the NFT platform of KokoSwap where users can both sell and mint their NFTs. The platform is an invite-only celebrity NFT platform that houses Rashed Belhasa’s exclusive NFT.

To make the market more exciting and exclusive, only people with invitations can go in to trade NFTs, making it a more pleasurable experience. In addition, the platform uses a one-of-a-kind identification system and features an open wallet where users can display their digital assets and NFT accomplishments. The game is gratifying for players as they can control what they craft warm or buy since there are NFTs for in-game assets.

The KokoSwap NFT platform reflects their desire to capitalize on the attention DeFi and NFTs have received this year. In the future, projects that do not include these features in their ecosystem will be left in the dust by those who offer their users both financial and recreational benefits.

KokoSwap continues to provide its community members with ownership privileges and robust and transparent governance making accountability a big part of their game. With the steady rise of NFTs, it is only safe to envisage groundbreaking growth for the KokoSwap community.  Click here to understand more about the platform.

About KokoSwap

KokoSwap is a unique decentralized platform that combines NFT trades with blockchain gaming to offer a seamless and fun experience to the users. KokoSwap is powered by the $KOKO token that further empowers the ecosystem of products such as KokoAvatar (an invite-only NFT platform), KokoStake (a staking platform)  and NFT Gaming.


To learn more about KokoSwap, visit https://kokoswap.org/


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