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For months now, we’ve been teasing co-host Josh’s super-secret blockchain project, and now all will be revealed…introducing THE STANDARD. The newest endeavor by the minds behind Vaultoro, The Standard is a new DeFi system that aims to bring together the best of digital and physical, backed currency — a literal new gold standard for the world of cryptocurrency. Their platform will allow users access to the same features they’ve come to expect from DeFi, but with the added bonus of being able to use precious metals as a collateral option. Founders Joshua Scigala and Laurin Bylica join the program today to talk about the origins of the project, when it will be live, and why the portability of cryptocurrency is so important in these days full of tumultuous world events.

About the Guests:
Joshua Scigala is an award-winning entrepreneur who has co-founded several technology startups including Vaultoro, SwapStyle and many more. Joshua is one of the first advocates of distributed ledger technologies and has become a leader in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. Joshua has experience with managing large technological teams successfully and has been a pioneer in the sharing economy since 2001.

Laurin Bylica is an entrepreneur, fintech visionary, management consultant and senior associate for a corporate VC & family office in Hong Kong. Laurin has an outstanding track record of driving tech projects from start to finish, including the world’s largest crypto sale which raised over US$4.2 billion.

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