AMAZY’s entry into the move-2-earn space had defined what the term really meant. Taking from the popular play-2-earn genre, the platform had redefined what it meant to get people to move while getting profit from it. The rewards from AMAZY were not the only thing that set it apart from the space, though. It boasts its own marketplace where users can trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with all operations based on the blockchain. This makes it a completely transparent platform.

AMAZY decided that focusing on move-2-earn sphere only might limit the role of fitness and the use it brings to users, so the product is positioned as Move&Earn.

Now, they are taking another step further. Some new improvements and rewards revisions will appear. Users can earn even more than they used to, as well as be able to perform essential operations for much cheaper.

More Movement, More Rewards

The month of August is one filled with goodies for AMAZY users. The AMAZY Marketplace was launched – this is a place where users can buy and sell NFT sneakers and boxes. The sneakers and boxes are obviously an important part of the AMAZY ecosystem, and the opportunity to trade them on a native platform is a game-changer.

AMAZY also announced there would be the possibility of rent-2-earn coming in the future. What this means is that users will be able to rent NFT sneakers from other users to earn on the platform, while the sneakers owners can make passive income by renting out their NFTs.

Before this, AZY, the official governance token of the AMAZY platform, had been launched across major exchanges. The token had seen $20,000,000 in trading volume in the first four hours after listing on leading crypto exchanges such as PancakeSwap, OKX, ByBit, MEXC Global, and Gate.io. The token was listed and tracked on CoinMarketCap the same day.

Better Things For AMAZY

Founders Artem Nikolaev and Sergey Kosenko have revealed some exciting updates coming to the AMAZY ecosystem. The co-founders, who share a wealth of experience between the gaming industry and the marketing industry, unveiled these new updates coming to the platform.

The first is the physical fitness trackers (bands). Fitness trackers are now as much a part of exercise culture as a pair of dumbbells. Hence, AMAZY has made the move to integrate them into the platform. Having a fitness tracker will allow users to use the AMAZY app not only outdoors but indoors too, for example, at a gym.

Another update is the launch of the AMAZY blockchain game. The co-founders teased that the game would be interesting for many people because it is based on an already viral mobile game. It’s yet to be revealed what the game will be, but the community is buzzing with excitement.

Last but not least, AMAZY continues a massive influencer campaign. This has seen the platform partner with more than 350 world-famous celebrities, athletes, and bloggers, all boasting more than 750,000 followers from around the world. A few already listed on the website are Dallas Austin, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter; Ken Griffey, a Hall of Fame basketball player, Jermaine Alfred Denny, a famous rapper, among others.

The icing on the cake is that both of the scheduled releases (blockchain game and fitness tracker) would use the AMT and AZY tokens. It’ll help to bolster the value of both tokens as it increases their real-world utility. More information on these is expected in early Fall 2022.




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