B2BinPay is the industry leader in cryptocurrency payments. As a consequence of its exceptional customer service, greatest security, and ongoing assistance for all of its clients, the business has gathered a vast number of satisfied consumers over the years. Because of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency payments, having a complete payment solution has become vital, which is why we are continually upgrading and extending our services.

B2BinPay Upgrades

Keeping features up to current is essential for providing customers with the greatest possible experience. B2BinPay makes it a priority to maintain this standard. In the most recent upgrade, we have placed a strong emphasis on providing our clients with the highest possible degree of comfort and security. In order to make high-speed transactions go more smoothly and quickly, a number of new enhancements and enhanced functionality have been included.


B2BinPay hopes that the new HelpDesk feature will improve the user experience simpler, more accessible, and more pleasant for all users of the service. When a technical problem arises with the B2BinPay program, the HelpDesk will give support to resolve it via the software.

Support Emails

Merchant accounts will be able to attach emails to invoices via the use of a sophisticated email support system. Customers will benefit from this since they will be able to address any difficulties they have with a product or service more quickly.


ChainAnalysis, a new transaction-friendly blockchain intelligence tool, is now available from B2BinPay. All Merchant accounts will have access to a user-friendly interface, real-time API, and continual monitoring of all bitcoin transactions.

New Functions

  • We added a new field name to the logs for each page.
  • Merchant users may now utilize the new currency filter on the Wallet page to filter their wallet listings by currency.
  • Users of the Merchant account may now repay the payer by clicking on the refund button on the Invoice details page.
  • Merchant user accounts have been updated with new customer support email addresses to which payer queries will be forwarded. When you click the Create New Bank Withdrawal button, you will be taken to a new window.
  • A new AML service provider.

Enhancements Features

  • Improvements have been made to the AML system’s logic, and new features are being contemplated. Long waits of up to an hour will be eliminated as a result of this.
  • If the service provider is late, a little delay is now imposed for repeated tests. If an organization fails to execute the last check on their side, an email message is issued to compliance; as a result, no more checks are attempted.
  • When Merchants withdraw money from a bank, a precise computation will be used to calculate the percentage of the withdrawal amount plus a set amount in the withdrawal currency (not less than the minimum commission amount). B2BinPay Back Office allows you to set up commission percentages, preset sums, and minimum commissions. In addition, the contract amount is now shown in the amount box on the withdrawal creation form.
  • Merchants will also benefit from an enhanced payment page that is now more user-friendly.
  • Token icons have been changed, as has the search area, and all currencies now have tags. Coins, Stablecoins, and other cryptocurrency types have been allocated.

Fixed Bugs

  • The inability to change the language in the calendar widget
  • Improper amount filtering on the create exchange page
  • On the create exchange page, the commission currency incorrect displaying


B2BinPay has consistently progressed and delivered the greatest upgrades to its consumers since its beginning. Customers can rely on it for best-in-class support, maximum security, and a wide range of features. This is why B2BinPay is the most effective online payment software solution on the market.


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