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Following the historic news of El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender, host Christian Keroles sits down with three CEO’s of prominent Bitcoin projects in South America to react to the news as well as discuss Bitcoin adoption across Latin America. Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar CEO of IOV Labs and RSK , Mauricio Tovar CEO Tropykus Finance, and Max Cajurzaa CEO of Money on Chain protocol all lend their experience both building Bitcoin projects and educating users about Bitcoin.

We cover the challenges they face and tremendous progress that has been made! The Panel spends time discussing how broken the legacy finance infrastructure is in South American countries and how RSK is serving as a permissionless financial stack for users in Latin America and across the globe. We are starting to see major ecommerce sites leveraging both Bitcoin and stable assets built on RSK and Money on Chain.

Next the group takes time to break down the El Salvador situation and give their opinions on Article 7 and other aspects of how this bill was implemented. The group tends to favor the bill and think it is rather far, whereas many critics have shared mixed opinions over specific implementation details. Finally the Panel speculates on which countries are likely to be next, we discuss the nuances around Panama’s “crypto bill”, and much more.

Please enjoy this informative deep dive on Bitcoin adoption in Latin America!


Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar CEO of IOV Labs and RSK @dieguito

Mauricio Tovar CEO @maurotov

Maximiliano Carjuzaa CEO of Money on Chain @maxcarjuzaa


Christian Keroles: Host of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast @ck_SNARKs

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