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This week on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with the Mayor of Jackson Tennessee Scott Conger to discuss Scott’s recent interest in Bitcoin. Scott has been the Mayor of Jackson for a few years now and is actually the 3rd person in his family to serve as Mayor of Jackson. Mayor Conger has a very long term commitment to the community in Jackson and wants to see the best for his city. Scott sees Bitcoin as an ideal way for his city to secure its financial future as well as to encourage young remote tech workers to lay down roots in Jackson.

The Pandemic and remote work have revealed a massive opportunity for small to medium sized cities to compete for tech talent and work when they used to be crushed by the major tech hubs like San Francisco and New York. Mayor Conger has been watching Mayor Suarez of Miami closely and taken the cue from him to dive into how embracing Bitcoin can help his city be more competitive.

Christian and Scott reflect on how bitcoin has been relatively de-risked and how his education into Bitcoin taught him more about what is wrong with the current system.

Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation Mayor Scott Conger!

If you want to read more about Mayor Conger and Jackson Tennessee read about his Bitcoin journey in Bitcoin Magazine:

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