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Freelance model, makeup artist and photographer Jessica Vaugn, best known for her work with Playboy, started tumbling down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2020. She says it completely changed her life and the way she views the world. As a freelancer, she’s always been keen on making independent choices. But it wasn’t until the pandemic lockdowns, she says, that she realized government-run economic systems limit her personal freedoms.

Now, thanks to a penchant for books like “The Bitcoin Standard” and networking with bitcoiners on Twitter, Vaugn says she’s using bitcoin to hedge against the risks of government overreach and inflation. She’s not worried about price volatility, since she’s not hoping to get rich quickly by trading cryptocurrencies. She’s only interested in bitcoin, not anything else in the sea of digital assets, because that’s what she feels is most aligned with her ideological perspective. She says the bitcoin ethos is all about freedom, privacy, and security. And considering the strict pandemic protocols forced on the residents of Los Angeles over the past year, those values have become more important to her now than ever before.

For Vaugn, 2021 is a year of investing in herself by growing her newfound bitcoin knowledge to reshape her career. As Hollywood unions tighten their grip on work opportunities in Los Angeles, Vaugn is flying to Miami to meet experts from the bitcoin community. She’s not sure what the future holds, but she does know having custody of her own bitcoin can offer peace of mind in uncertain times. If you can’t join the conference in Miami, tune in via Youtube then follow #Bitcoin2021 on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, you can join our conversation on Telegram and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the happenings at Bitcoin 2021.

Next stop, Bitcoin 2021 in Miami!

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