Waning interest in a North Hollywood crypto-themed home

A crypto-friendly house in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, is seemingly struggling to sell, as the property has seen its price reduce three times in a little over four months.

The so-called “Cryptohouse,” as stated on the glowing neon sign in its kitchen, was listed for sale at $1.2 million in October 2022. As of Jan. 5, its asking price is now $949,000.

The impressive custom neon sign never lets you forget just where you are. Image: Zillow

The four-bed, three-bath home sees the listing agents boasting in the property description of its spacious and flowing floor plan ideal for “savvy investors.”

For unknown reasons, the description doesn’t mention its tasteful wallpaper choices, which include multiple nonfungible tokens (NFTs) from the classic Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk collections prominent in the living and dining areas.

The future owner can look forward to explaining the unique decor choices to dinner guests. Image: Zillow

The house also features themed wallpapers in each of the four rooms, one each for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE), with one room smattered with a selection of crypto-positive tweets.

Guests will surely be saying “much wow” if they sleep in the DOGE room. Image: Zillow

Those wanting to try before they buy can even rent the house through Airbnb. Although, there’s no rush because it currently has no future bookings.

Make your personality an NFT and mint your heart on the blockchain

A project is offering up NFTs as a way to visually portray an individual’s personality and own the result on the blockchain.

Rubens DB, a Tel Aviv-based artist, launched the “Psynesthesia” NFT collection with 1,024 possible NFTs generated by the results of a personality test.

The Polygon-based NFTs are generated according to the traits identified by the test and an algorithm coded by DB. The process is explained in a release shared with Cointelegraph:

“For example, the more the agreeableness is high, the more the colors are warm; the more the extroversion is high, the more the connections are developed.”

The resulting art can be collected as an NFT. The original owner is also granted a photoshoot at Rubens DB’s studio in Tel Aviv, where their artwork is projected onto them in a portrait.

An example of the NFTs generated from the personality tests. Image: Psynesthesia

10% of the sales are donated to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a United States-based nonprofit aiming to increase understanding of psychedelic substances.

UK NFT investment firm gets phished

NFT Investments, a United Kingdom-based investment firm that invests in NFT-related companies, said it was the target of a phishing attack resulting in the loss of $250,000 worth of assets.

The firm announced on the London Stock Exchange’s news wire on Jan .12 that it is “managing a cybersecurity incident” resulting from the attack on Jan. 9.

Apparently, the hacked amount represents “less than 1%” of the firms current net asset value.

It did not disclose what assets were stolen or how attackers compromised the security surrounding the storage of the investments.

Cointelegraph contacted NFT Investments for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

What bear market? Shiba Inu NFT collab sells out in seconds

An NFT collaboration between Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) NFT project “SHIBOSHIS” and luxury handbag company Bugatti Group sold out in 110 seconds, according to a Jan. 14 tweet from Bugatti Group.

Bugatti Group — not to be confused with the luxury sports car manufacturer Bugatti Automobiles — created a new batch of NFTs with the dog-themed project and offered those who minted one a piece of custom luggage emblazoned with a SHIBOSHIS NFT.

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The collaboration between the two also sees Bugatti Group creating a SHIBOSHIS-themed limited edition collection of backpacks, satchels, luggage and wallets.

Other nifty news

The crypto wallet of an NFT influencer has been drained after mistakenly downloading malware hiding in a program advertised on a Google Ad.

YouTuber Logan Paul revealed a $1.5 million recovery plan for those who invested in his troubled NFT project CryptoZoo after an exposé from fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla.