This option is made by a Slovakian company, and offers a similar service to BitPay for 0.8% fee. The app, which only requires an email to use, allows automatic daily settlement in crypto or fiat to a personal wallet or bank account. Though, KYC is required for fiat withdrawals. When I tested the app, I found that the BTC/EUR conversion rate was an average of 0.5% higher than prices listed on CoinMarketCap. Further, the app did not show the exchange rate or data source. There is a maximum of 0.03 BTC (600 euros) set for invoices. Crypto withdrawals, including Lightning, incur a 0.5% fee and fiat withdrawals potentially incur “additional bank fees,” according to the Confirmo website. Funds are at risk until withdrawn. Trustpilot rating: 3.0.


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