‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the Twittersphere

Not a troll was stirring, not even a financier;

The crypto was HODLed in cold storage with care,

In hopes that Satoshi would soon reappear;

The newbies avoided FUD and slept in their beds,

While visions of lambos danc’d in their heads.

And Pomp being occupied, and Schiff spewing crap,

Weren’t calling attention to traders stacking sats.

When in the trends came mentions of Nakamoto,

I had to be sure it wasn’t just FOMO. 

Away to my portfolio my fingers did fly,

And checked on the prices — man, were they high!

Then, for a moment, I thought I was wrong.

But no — a huge bull run, and eight altcoins going along.

Who could have done this? Who answered my prayer?

I knew in an instant the answer: Michael Saylor.

A purchase so massive that all tokens mooned,

Out of character he tweeted, and shouted, all to CT he crooned:

“Now! Ether, now! Maker, now! Luna, and Solana,

“On! Matic, on! Litecoin, on! Doge and Shiba;

“To the top of the charts! To new all-time highs!

“Now to the moon! Let the whales make the buys!”

And then in a twinkling, I thought more than once,

“Maybe this is the time to cash out, after months?”

So on the sell button my cursor did hover,

As I drew in a breath, and heard myself mutter:

“Maybe,” I said, “Crypto has other plans.”

Maybe, perhaps, Christmas is the time for diamond hands.

I nodded to Saylor, and turned off my monitors,

Even as users flew in from all corners,

The tokens went wild, but I was content,

Holding my Bitcoin, no matter where the price went.

My message before signing off, bracing for a fight?

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all HODL tight.”